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Well, it's a start [Aug. 8th, 2010|10:17 am]


I am working on a major rearrange and purge in advance of my new bed that is coming on Wednesday (I think I confused the sales guy, who said "we can have it there as soon as Saturday!" and I said "No. No-no. No! Next week is better. How about Wednesday?" Hah.). Along with other stuff I've probably forgotten, I:

--Gave an old flat-screen monitor to a friend who needed one
--Gave a fancy wine-stopper that I'd bought to give as a gift (but never gave, obviously) to a friend (who will give it to his uncle, who makes wine)
--Sold a duplicate copy of an expensive (and large) reference book to the student of a friend (which will be shipped out as soon as I get the address)
--Threw out a bunch of junk, some of which I'm not entirely comfortable sending to landfills but at this point I just need it gone

How are you doing?

[User Picture]From: b_liz
2010-08-08 03:02 pm (UTC)
Well done :) I've got rid of a few bits this week and am starting to feel there's a bit more space in the house - still a long way for me to go though!
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[User Picture]From: fiveforsilver
2010-08-08 05:46 pm (UTC)
Good for you too :)

I hear you about it still being a long way to go - even if I get everything done before Wednesday that I want to get done, I'll still have a lot more to do. *sigh*
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[User Picture]From: dawn9163
2010-08-08 05:51 pm (UTC)
But just think how good it will look when it's all done....

and I've just dealt with (and properly at that) all my visa slips/bank statements etc dating back to April. Just about to get the shredder out NOW otherwise the huge pile of bits of paper will still be sat on the floor this time next week!
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[User Picture]From: fiveforsilver
2010-08-08 06:00 pm (UTC)
I dream of how it will look when it's all done, but even if I finish everything I want to finish before Wednesday, that still won't be "all done" unfortunately :P My incentive now is "new bed". I've been sleeping on a futon for the past 7 years (the same futon!) and my back and shoulders are screaming for a break.

Good for you! I have boxes of papers that I need to deal with. It's on my to-do list...
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